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The latest album from the original  Pig’n’aif ProgRock line-up

‘Musicalis Grumpiosa’

Pignaif - Musicalis Grumpiosa

Musicalis Grumpiosa

Rising Records PNF17-CD01
Released tbc

Please note these soundclips are reduced quality

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Musicalis Grumpiosa’ is a new Pig'n'aif album of original, multi-genre, rock

This Pig'n'aif album has been battling with other albums requiring time to produce and waiting for the opportunity to be released for a some time. It is now due for release this year. The material once again crosses many genre boundaries  including Progressive Rock, Blues, Rock and Jazz.

More information ion the track content later.

Guitars, other Instrumentation and Backing Vocals are performed by Pete Bangert.
Lead Vocals are from Mick Shedd.
As usual, Bass is played by the band's good friend Session Pete
and Drums and Percussion are from Clatterfoot



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