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What’s In A Name!

Lots Of History

What’s In A Name!

Rising Records SPD1002
Released 1972


1. Ciretose (Atkinson)
2. Ditto The Two (Atkinson, Bangert, Hobson)
3. Cycles (Bangert).)

Not available for sale or download

This was Pig’n’aif’s first release recorded in Sheffield in 1974. Being of it’s time, it was published in cassette format only. The musicians involved were Steve Atkinson (guitar, organ, piano), Dave Hobson (bass, vocals) and Pete Bangert (guitar, vocals).

Ciretose and Ditto The Two are extended prog-rock numbers, whilst Cycles is a melodic rock ballad which Pete had previously performed with the Scottish theatre-prog-rock band Golgotha in 1971/72. All of the tracks were early and determined explorations into original material and have subsequently been re-worked into fully polished productions featured on the Pig’n’aifHandover album. Check out the ‘Handover album for audio clips.

Ditto The Two was recorded originally live onto an Akai 4000DS tape recorder, with extremely raw, but atmospheric, results. Ciretose and Cycles made use of the ‘multitrack Sound-on Sound’ capability of the recorder and were completed by Atkinson and Bangert respectively.

The album cover was another of Dave Hobson’s unique graphic visualisations.

This was a very limited release and is no longer available.



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