The Jester... Thinks...

The Jester thinks… usually while he is being beaten or has at last managed to crawl away from the scrutiny of his so-called betters for a few minutes of ‘Fool Time’. His thoughts invariably return to the human condition and mainly his own condition and experience…


This collection explores some of his thoughts, through the feelings he has stored up during his all-too-brief time. There are his thoughts of loss, betrayal and his desire for revenge against a power wielding audience of inferiors. Thoughts of consolation never had or offered, but always wanted and then eventually passed on from an older self to a younger self. Thoughts of joy at the sight of another, even if that sight was not noticed and so not reflected. Thoughts return of entrapment in a destructive relationship that leaves him vibrating with righteous anger, tempered with longing for what could never be. Thoughts of loss and unrequited yearning brought about by displacement in place and time. There are dark thoughts of dependency on outside support and the addictive and destructive nature of such a prop. Of course behind them all, there are the generalised feelings of the common breed who stumble on from innocence through obstacles to the bitter realisation that no-one owes them a living… and that life can hurt unless you take hold of your own path and act intelligently about it... but as The Jester knows, few people do and so they inevitably blame their environment and end up in a mental wilderness.


The trick has always been to take comfort in what is available and where possible see the beauty disguised in something else. And then enjoy it on the way out…



The Jester
Words and Music by Pete Bangert

I used to be so cynical, in the innocence of my youth,
But now I'm getting older, I begin to see the truth,
My strength is in my wit it seems, to turn away abuse,
I never fight just to exist, that is the way to lose.

I've found the role I'm suited to, it's you I must amuse,
It’s in your court I dance my theme, with laughter I confuse,
The boredom of your lonely life, I weave into my song,
A Jester's life ain't easy, and you can do no wrong.

I am The Jester.

A merry quip, a subtle jest, to ease your troubled mind,
To ease your fears of long dark nights, to leave your cares behind,
So hear me clear, I'll tell you now some tales of merriment,
You'll laugh until your sides are split, and tears are at an end.

Why do they treat me this way?
A few cheap laughs, all that they crave,
It’s easy for them, you could say,
In the end they will lose,
I shall have my day.

I've lead you all a merry dance, you owe all this to me,
And how I took you on the way is difficult to see,
I'm looking now for different goals, for challenges anew,
I'm looking for the one who says, 'Hey Jester! you will do',

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Down ’n’ Out
Words and Music by Pete Bangert

Were you ever feeling down and out, ever lost no place to go,
Did they stare right through you, left alone, a memory?
You knew them once long time ago, the world was young and full of fun,
Then you had a dream, all alone, a memory.

Come in babe, come in from the cold,
Come in babe, any time at all.

They said it's all yours for the taking, and laughed at you behind your back,
You went away feeling so downhearted; you went away feeling lonely and cold,
No one thought to ask what happened; no one cared enough to try,
Now they stare right through you, all alone, a memory.

Come in babe, come in from the cold,
Come in babe, any time at all.

Don't listen to the whispering; don’t listen to the way they lie,
You can go your own way, it’s up to you; you know that now,
You can make your own decisions; you can make your life worthwhile,
'Cos you have a dream, all alone, a memory.

Come in babe, come in from the cold,
Come in babe, any time at all.

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Lady Of The Song
Words by Pete and Jill Bangert, Music by Pete Bangert

I saw a dream, a vision fair,
She floated on the crystal stair,
Lovely as the day is long,
She was the Lady of this song.

A vision seen, oh maid of mine,
She holds my heart, an endless rhyme,
Lovely as the day is long,
She was the Lady of this song.

Oh dance for me, a maiden dance,
And walk with me, on wings of romance,
To hold you there, in my mind's eye,
And chant the rhyme, of a Lady fair.

With wings of rainbow coloured hue,
She flits tomorrow, away from you,
Lovely as the day is long,
She was the Lady of this song.

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You Gotta Be Jokin’
Words and Music by Pete Bangert

It was another bloody Sunday; you say “Are you alright?”
I ask just what you’re wanting; you say “A bed for the night”,
 “Well you’ve gotta be jokin’, I’ve heard it all before,
Stay in my bed; screw up my head, tomorrow you’re down the road,
You’ve gotta be jokin’ “.

It was still the same Sunday; you say “It’s different this time”,
I ask just what you’re wanting; you say “Make it right tonight”,
“You’re down on your luck again; the only thing you bring me is pain,
Out on your ear, don’t come back here, I’m not gonna take it this time,
You’ve gotta be jokin’”.

You keep tellin’ me lies, the only thing you bring me is pain, you’re a liar,
You keep tellin’ me lies, you know you drive me insane, you’re a liar,
You keep tellin’ me lies, down on your luck again, you’re a liar,
You keep tellin’ me lies, you know you drive me insane, you’re a liar.

It was early Monday morning; I say “Are you alright?”
You got just what you wanted; you got a bed for the night,
You’re no lover, you’re not a friend; we’ve all been here before,
When I heard, the front door slam, I know you’re down the road,
I had to be jokin’.

I had to be jokin’, you keep tellin’ me lies… you’re a liar 

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Genus Holbytla
Words and Music by Pete Bangert

We wandered long; we walked our way, through hills and bogs of yesterday,
Though help was far, confusion near, we travel on despite out fear,
Our road is long, it’s hidden well, we choose our solo trip to hell,
We plod the course, we stand the test, we have so little time for rest.

The road is long and hard,
Our goal to live in peace,

From our first steps, we gather speed, we feel that all important need,
But every day that leaves us past, is someone’s first, and someone’s last,
We stand there proud, with morals high, but can we look them in the eye?
Or should we take an easy road, and knuckle down beneath the load?

The road is long and hard,
Our goal to live in peace,

They’re getting close; you feel them all around you,
Your skin crawls, you don’t want to be here now,
Why oh why did you get here in harms way?
Run like hell, and get yourself away,

You take a stand, for what you think is right,
They’ll take you down; they know that you can’t fight,
Better hide, you’re used to doing that now,
A frightened child, wounded deep inside.

Run, run, run,

You can’t eat, you’re knotted up inside,
It’s no joke; you’ve got to learn to fight,
You need to stand, and face it all head on,
Just be a man, and take it as it comes,

The time of life, but it’s not all for granted,
It’s a sign, the change you didn’t look for,
Keep your head, and give them all your best,
When you pull through, then you’ll survive the test.

Run, run, run,

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Stolen Moments
Words and Music by Pete Bangert

I need you when you're there; I need you when you're not there,
Someone to talk to, someone to love,
It doesn't matter to me; it doesn't matter at all,
Where are you darling? And where have you been?

Your face is always smiling; your face is always bright,
I cannot help but feel the way I do.

I see you in my dreams, I hold you in my dreams,
Love is a fire; it’s burning through the night,
Those quiet moments of life, those moments without the strife,
They seem to bring me, the feeling that I'm free.

Those moments when you say, I like to feel this way,
Make me so happy, you’ve opened up the door,
I kiss you once again, those kisses never end,
Heartbeats together; the rhythm of our souls.

Oh those stolen moments, those stolen moments.

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Words and Music by Pete Bangert

I've been riding, on the wings of a storm,
For more years than I remember,
With lightning flashing, and thunder roar,
The guide to a black September,

Though nothing can touch me, I yearn to be free,
To spend my days with another,
My doom is to stay here, alone in this place,
'Till conquered I fall in destruction.


Your soul is the life that you've given to me,
I'm a reaper of souls and a dealer in death,
I drag it out and then I roast it with fire,
I'll see you crawling in the darkness of night.


A madman of darkness, of torment and pain,
I just can't wait till I see you again,
A demon of darkness, the devils delight,
You wait my friend, it'll turn out alright.


Stormbringer, a carver of flesh,
Stormbringer, a dealer in death,
Stormbringer, a madman of flame,
Stormbringer, I'll come back again.