Pete is watchingHi. My name is Pete Bangert and I am a professional musician. My first instrument is guitar and I enjoy both writing and performing music.

I have performed live and as a session musician for many years in many genres of music. I now spend the vast majority of my time working in my studio, although I do have a lot of other interests which compete with each other for time.

I am (still) currently part-way through writing a novel. I paint and fish when I can (but not necessarily at the same time) and I still need to sort out the garage. But, my emphasis remains on being a working musician (given half a chance).

I manage the independent Rising Records label through which a large number of my musical projects are generated. I am a chartered Project Manager, a skill that supports management of other people’s projects and my own music efforts, very well.

Here are some of my recent publications. The full lists are in the Discography and Videography above. 
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ElectronicalisAlan Ibbotson At The End of The WorldHandoverPignaif - Blue-ishPignaif - Blue

I am keen to help out other musicians as and when I can, either by working with them or for them. I help by producing and engineering their product, as well as by writing and playing backing tracks for artist’s projects. I also record their efforts where appropriate. A perfect example of this was the recent album I produced for Alan Ibbotson called ‘Alan Ibbotson At The End of The World’. great fun and very worthwhile. This was a follow up album to his debut album ‘One Good Summer’ which I also had the pleasure of producing. Check out the audio clips here or better still, buy or download the albums. If you think I can help with your projects please get in touch.

My Stage RackI use a variety of equipment, but my stage gear falls into two main categories. Firstly for the more complicated sounds I use my stage rack which contains an Axon Guitar Synth and Mesa Boogie amplification. Secondly for more stripped down gigs I use a vintage Orange Graphic amp and in both cases I use custom made horn-loaded 2x12” speaker cabs (although I also use Orange 4x12” cabs if I need a wider stage sound). I have also been known to just mike up my vintage AC10 Twin (fabulous amp). My primary stage guitar is a vintage Flying ‘V’ equipped with a GK2 synth pickup backed up by a custom made ‘Phoenix ‘V’’ and a Variax. I have used Rotosound strings for over 40 years. I have recently added a Kemper profiling amp for use in the studio a customised Les Paul and a 70’s Strat for seasoning in the mix.

I am always in the middle of a number of albums. Currently I have personal, collaborative and projects for other people on the go. The collaborative projects have already underpinned a live band for us - and will hopefully move onto others. They do say if you want something doing, ask a busy man, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you think I can help you out. The worst that can happen is that I say no.

The really spooky thing about this is that I don't drink tea...

If you have a sense of humour, I'm your man. Many years ago, I compiled 'The Almost Definitive Muso’s Joke book'. I will Email you a copy if you get in touch for it. Please feel free to send me any and all new gags, I am always up for a laugh.

There are links to some of my latest releases above on this page and my published discography is on the Discography and Video pages. Some of my recordings can be purchased on this site and a number are available for Digital Download - posh eh? You will find lots of music clips and some video there. Please have a listen and all reasonable comments are gratefully received. Over the years as a session musician, I appeared on stage with a number of acts and performed on many studio recordings in addition to those in my discography. However, I have only included those recordings here for which I am directly responsible.






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